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Ken Klemn, describes in detail that the skills that we learn here at Mentoring For Free and the impact that we have here go a long way to our having massive success.
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2019-12-04

On this 15th Anniversary of Mentoring For Free I’d like 
to reflect on why it began. I believe it was created to 
combat two evil cousins of Fear: Greed and Ego. These 
two do nothing to create riches, but they destroy 
wealth and dash dreams into dust.


Most people think of Network Marketing (or Multi-Level 
Marketing) opportunities as “get rich quick” schemes 
where hard-working folks can be scammed into losing 

Why? Because that’s the way “heavy hitters” presented 
them. “You can quit your job and take out a second 
mortgage to fill your garage with products. It’s okay 
because you’re gonna make a fortune before the first 
payment is due, and you’ll pay off the whole debt and 
move into a luxury mansion.”

Most mlm companies looked the other way because lots of 
money came rolling in, and did nothing to police these 
activities until threatened with prosecution.

Many people today think of immigrants as people who 
cross borders to pick someone’s crops, work in 
someone’s mine or clean other people’s houses and 

Many people think of Free Market Capitalism as 
something evil. They hear about hedge fund managers 
running Ponzi schemes and computer algoes moving 
massive funds in and out of positions at the speed of 

All these impressions are distortions driven by the 
Greed and Ego of people who abuse other folks’ time and 


MLM taps directly into the power of word-of-mouth 
advertising, and creates a level playing field where 
anyone can grow a business to any size without the 
initial enormous risk and investment of traditional 
businesses or franchises.

Immigrants cross oceans for the prospect of growing 
crops on their own farms, discovering their own 
precious metal mines, and building their own homes and 

The capital markets allow companies to expand their 
capabilities to serve more customers while giving every 
person opportunities to participate with companies they 
believe in as co-owners.

The free market enables individuals to exercise their 
unique skills and passions to serve people and 
contribute to their economies. These include historic 
business legends like Henry Ford who had a passion for 
making automobiles affordable to anyone; or Steve Jobs, 
whose passion was creating high tech devices anyone 
could learn to use. More recently, folks like Ron 
Popeil who, like his father Samuel, had a passion for 
inventing labor-saving kitchen gadgets more affordable 
than fancy French machines; or Mike Lindell, whose 
passion is helping people get a good sleep without 
spending thousands on high tech beds.

The Big Picture

Aside from the highly specialized knowledge and skill 
sets of any niche, the general business-building 
principles and skills are the same - no matter whether 
it’s a network marketing, landscaping, house framing, 
printing, auto sales or any other business.

Napoleon Hill did not pull his success philosophy out 
of thin air. It is the result of observing and 
interviewing 500 of the most accomplished people of the 
early 20th century. 

Dale Carnegie did not dream up his principles for 
winning friends and influencing people. He studied many 
of the best relators and influencers from history.

Likewise, while Mentoring For Free’s training has been 
focused mostly on network marketing, the trainers draw 
upon their life experiences and observations.

As network marketers can learn from traditional 
business, so may entrepreneurs in traditional 
businesses learn from network marketing. Whether one’s 
passion is running a restaurant, selling insurance, or 
designing and building model train layouts, the skills 
discussed here may benefit them.

Building self-confidence and belief (Think and Grow 
Rich Lessons), understanding people (Personality 
Colors), and pull-through marketing (being a problem 
solver) are all valid skill sets for any entrepreneur. 
Specific knowledge here such as the Five Pillars and 
Business Models may be applied to ANY business. Any 
entrepreneur could also put our tools, such as the 
Mentoring App, to good use.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. As a salute to our 15th anniversary, check out the 
new “Classics” section on the menu at

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