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Tuula Rands describes an mlm tip on Specialized Knowledge Put Into Action today so that you can have what others can't tommorow! Because when you have wins each day then your runners show up! You attract them to you!

Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Chapter 5 - Specialiezed Knowledge

Hill tells us in this chapter that millions of people falsely believe
that "knowledge is power. He also points out that knowledge is only
potential power that has to be organized into definite plans of action
and directed to a definite end.  Action has to be taken for knowledge
to become power.

Hill in this chapter is talking about attracting money but the principle
is also true in other areas of our lives.  We have heard Michael Dlouhy
say many times "In order to make more, you have to become more."  That
power of having the knowledge that we all need personal development
is not enough.  Knowing it does not get us there.  We have to do
something about it.

These think and Grow Rich Lesson and the color training calls will give 
us the knowledge and the action plan for us to "become more."  Yet,
people will come to this platform and stay a short while and think they got
enough, think it takes too long, think they don't have the time, etc. etc. etc.
and they leave.  Maybe they think this is just too simple for it to really
work and they miss out because they are not willing enough to stay the course.

Without personal development we will not have the confidence to do the
actions that are needed to build a large business if we have never done it
before, and most of us have not. 

Darren L Johnson states "Based on my pool of coached clients, 90% of the 
challenges for business owners exist in a lack of personal development."

We can harness that power by being here, posting our thoughts, reading 
other posts, participating on the calls and not giving up.  We may not notice
the "more" that we are becoming right away but we will as long as we 
"stick with it" until we do.  

We can become, as Michael Dlouhy says,"Ten foot tall and bullet proof."

Tuula Rands


Are you ready to use this mlm tip to have massive success or will you remain on the bench?


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