MLM Tip On Having Faith Today

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Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada



Chapter 3 - Faith

We have to have faith in all areas as we live our lives 
day to day.

My husband is losing his memory but he still needs to have
faith in me being his caregiver and that I am doing the best
I can for him.  There are times when he questions that because
memories can play tricks and I have to realize and accept that
his mindset can change from minute to minute.

A while ago George misplaced his wallet. We needed his licence 
and care card for identification so it was critical in certain 
situations. When the memory fades they look for safe places to put
what is important to them so they will not lose them.  But with
memory fading the safe places are no longer safe places because
the important things like wallets cannot be found.  After a couple
of months I found the wallet but I did not tell George.  I had
to have the faith that I was doing the right thing in keeping
the wallet safe in my purse for the times where the information
in the wallet would be needed.

About a year ago he misplaced the truck keys and to this day
they have never been found.  We did sell the truck so it is
no longer an issue. But, number of months ago he misplaced his car keys. 
We searched everywhere but they were nowhere to be found.  Then one day
I looked again and found the keys nestled nicely in an eye glass case.
They get very inventive.  I did not tell George I found the keys because
I did not feel it was of the best interest for him to be driving
anymore.  So I placed the keys in my purse as a second set for the
"just in case" situations that could arise.

I have to have the faith in myself that I am doing the right
and best thing for both George and myself in keeping these things
from him.  The more the memory fades the less they understand
situations and what could happen in any situation.  All George knows
is that he has been driving since he was twelve so why can't he
drive now.  Explaining does not help because he does not understand
what the problem could be.  

So today when he tells me he is going to drive, I just
ask him if he found his license and he says no and then sits in the
passenger seat.  I do not give him keys anymore because he misplaces them.

As Susan L. Taylor states "Seeds of faith are always within us; 
sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth." 

Faith in God and in our selves is critical in moving forward in
any area of our lives.

Tuula Rands

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