MLM Success Tip On Massive Success Today

Here is an mlm success tip on having massive success with NO excuses!


Posted: 2018-07-04

When Napoleon Hills son who was deaf wanted something he would plan a way to EARN the money, then buy it for himself! He still follows that plan! He sold hearing aids! Jordan Adler once said that if you want to make $1,000,000 help many people earn $500.00 per month.

Here is a plan:

1. Share The Product

2. Sample

3. Repeat

4. Follow up!

Then go RUBY!!

Over & Over

And Your Runners who want to come along will be jogging with you. Not ahead & not behind but with you! Tom Big Al Schrieter in one of his CDs calls it pacing. They will be mirroring you in everything you do in business and in life. As Michael Dlouhy says how you do anything is how you do everything! Whats your excuse?

Read the first sentence of the lesson plan to see if you cacn pick one!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Henry Ford followed a PLAN to become wealthy. Thousands of other men who had a better education than him live in poverty because they failed to plan. There is an old saying if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Reorganize plans to REACH your goals. And convert your biggest handicap to your biggest asset. However work on your strengths because when you do then you will spend time on what you are good at doing. Then over time you leverage of mastermind members and your team members on picking up along the way the things that you are initally not so good at, so that you can gradually improve on that. Michael Dlouhy mentioned sponsor your weakness.

Here is why you should focus on your strengths. Michael Dlouhy once did a freedom tour and he gave a Colors Presentation on both the persons strengths and weaknesses. When Michael mentioned their weaknesses they became weaker. Its NO different when Michael did the kinesiology testing on the cruise when he did the muscle testing. Saying in his mind good boy and you becoming stronger. And bad boy becoming weaker. 

When you use Color Personalities as a part of your mlm success tip that will change your relationship with others for the better just like it has for myself and for thousands of other people as well!

Lawrence Bergfeld


Be A Mentor With A Servants Heart

Lawrence Bergfeld


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