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Nick Harper describes in detail an mlm secret on how to program your mind with positive autosuggestion for massive success!! What good is to have everything going for you if you do NOT have the right mindset? You will unintentionally do things to get rid of it which is just horrible! That is why you see so many talented athletes, moviestar and other celebrities go bankrupt. In other words if you have no personal growth then everything will be gone. 

Rather than blame people and cirumstances get educated on finances, marriage and whatever you would like to be an expert on it so that you can pay it forward by teaching what you learned to others as well. Because the more you teach something the better you get at it!! A crucial part of it is self-talk with positive emotions. Bob Shoaf says the more times you say your self-talk with positive emotion the more faith will be developed. When you put something out there in detail like a new car you want: Lets say a BMW. What color? What kind of seats? Do you want to have a CD player? A rooftop? The more detail you put into it, the more you will attract it and you will come up with a self talk that will attract it to you!

Here is Nick Harpers story!
Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2018-04-02

I am a very successful man!  I have THE VISION!!! Life is great and getting better and better each and every day!!! 

I'm sharing my joy with the world...Everyone needs a positive place in the negative world that we live in.  
Most people don't know what  it is to live a joyous life, and less know how to acheive true happiness.  I
have a beautiful loving loving family...we spend most Sundays together after church enjoing a meal and
fellowship with each other. 

There's no negativity in the air everyone shares thoughts and plans of what's happening next! 
My dad always talks about another classic car that he's restoring and how much better it's going
to be once he's finish with it. 

My mom enjoys the fact that her cooking brings everyone together.  My sister loves the gift that
God gave her (my neice Harper)  after doctors said that she'd never be able to have a child!  WOW!!!
Man there must be some type of auto suggestion involved in this situation. 

I remember a time in my life that I wasn't very happy with the choice's that I'd made.  I was in a bad
marriage working a job that didn't appreciate my hard work, and on top of all that I was dead BROKE!!!! 

Through all of the struggles I still remained positive and I knew that better days were coming...I must
admit that I didn't know anything about auto suggestion at that point in my life, but I believed in myself
and took full responsibility for my life. 

Fast forward to today I have a beautiful wife that loves me for the man that I am, I have my children that
my ex said I'd never have anything to do with, I have a beautiful courageous neice that was said could
never be born!!! 

And on top of all of that my mother's cooking still bring the family together...what a wonderful life it is! 
Auto suggestion has been going on behind the scene without me ever noticing!  WOW this chapter has
made me realize how powerful auto suggestion really mother always knew that preparing a
Sunday dinner would bring the family together.

My father knew that us kids would have an appreciation for restoring an old peice of rust and worn metal
into something of beauty, my sister always knew that she'd have a little one to share her love with.  It
happened at the least expected sister when in for a back surgery and the doctor informed her
that he could not do the surgery because she's pregnant!!! 

Oh and me I'm helping millions of people overcome poverty and the struggle of unhappiness.  Oh yes,
My wife Kristen loves me and the life we share because she was once in a terrible marriage, you can't
appreciate beauty unless you've been with the beast,  you can't appreciate love unless you've heen
with hate,  you can't appreciate an amazing MENTOR unless you've been with a fake wanna be selfish
self proclaimed mentor... 

I'm so thankful for Linda and Michael Dlouhy for creating this amazing system and each and everyone
that particpates in this mastermind!  We're autosuggesting all kinds of amazing ideas with each other
and don't even realize it!

Nick Harper  

Now its time to use this mlm secret ot create your reality!

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Lawrence Bergfeld


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