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Deborah Smart discusses an mlm secret on creating your definite purpose to build your business so that you can build it once and build it big so that you could pay your childrens children! The main thing is to stop the chatter in your mind so that you can attract the people whom you would want to be on a one month cruise with! Tom Big Al Schrieter says that you are looking for five key leaders in your career to get to the top!

Deborah Smart Newark, DE, United States

Posted: 2019-02-19

Over the years, I have had to train my mind to be quiet. Being self-employed and self-directed for almost 35 years, my mind is like a freeway. Words and thoughts zipping here and there; constantly taking me on  new adventures. In the past 15 years, I have developed some control, but not complete control over my thoughts. I have controlled my positive thinking more than negative. This new lesson of auto-suggestion, although not new to me, but the fact that I am ready to truly put it into practice, is new.

I have written my letter of purpose. I know how much I want to accumulate, and I have set a deadline.

I commit to re-reading the six steps to obtaining what I desire. And each morning and evening I will read until I can recite my letter of purpose. I've typed it and printed it out. I will grace my office wall, my nightstand and my refrigerator. The picture I chose to place at the top of the letter is an iceberg. Because I believe, the letter and the amount is just the tip of what the Lord wishes me to obtain, because He knows His plans for its use.

I thank you all for being my accountability partners on this leg of my journey.

Deborah Smart


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