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Thomas Krag describes the mlm secret of the impact of your thoughts. They can either make you or break you because people can tell how you feel about a subject when you are having a conversation with them!

People either feel that you are telling them the truth or they can feel it if you are telling them a lie. Its one or the other NOT both! There is an old saying its NOT what you say its how you say something that counts! Here is the rest of the story featuring Thomas Krag.

Thomas Krag Belleville, Illinois, United States

Posted: 2018-06-27


The first sentence of the Preface offers great encouragement: more than five hundred men of great wealth who began at scratch, with nothing to give in return for riche except thoughts, ideas, and organized plans.” We all have thoughts and “thoughts are things.”

That is a significant clue to the path to riches!

Later, Napoleon Hill adds another word, “self-analysis.” You can’t be shy about tell yourself the truth about you. As stated in later chapters, this means you pay attention to YOU. Not what other people say about you or to you, but you. If not, your train can easily be derailed, and you give up your dreams.

Add to that the idea that “Riches cannot always be measured in money!” Other aspects of riches include lasting friendships, harmonious family relationships, sympathy and understanding between business associates, and introspective harmony which brings one piece of mind measurable only in spiritual values.”

From Chapter one: Thoughts are things. Mix with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning DESIRE for their translation into riches. This matches the ideas of thoughts, ideas, and organized plans and adds the idea of persistence. You can have the best idea ever and without desire and persistence, it won’t come to fruition.

It is the thought that counts! Mr. Edison accepted Mr. Barnes into his company, not due to the words in the conversation, rather, what he THOUGHT.

Thoughts are things and when support by the other character traits above, will lead to the achievement of your concept of riches.

Thomas Krag

Belleville, Illinois

PS: Thank Bob Shoaf for believing in me!

Are you ready to put this mlm secret into action and share with others what you are excited about or are you going to keep your opportunity a top secret? The ball is in your court and I will see you at the top!

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