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Nick Harper describes in detail an mlm secret on how a person can put a plan together with the APPLICATION of specialized knowledge. And the story in this press release is about a man who was an intelligent follower because he followed a LEADER. If I tell you more I will be stealing Nick Harpers thunder.


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Posted: 2019-06-12

Chapter 5 


The Fourth Step toward Riches

THERE are two kinds of knowledge. One is general, the other is specialized. General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money. The faculties of the great universities possess, in the aggregate, practically every form of general knowledge known to civilization. Most of the professors have but little or no money. They specialize on teaching knowledge, but they do not specialize on the organization, or the use of knowledge.


I met a gentleman named Mario last week he came to our house to do some stonework.  I asked him how he got started in this business…he stated that use to work for another guy, but he wanted more.  He learned everything that he could from the guy he worked for and took additional online courses to develop business skills.  Mario stated that he walked away and never looked back…this is Mario’s 2nd year in business.  He told me that he made over $200,000 last year his 1st year in business and this year will be much better!!!  That’s a great example of obtaining, organizing, and using specialized knowledge.  Mario also stated that he does some sort of personal development for at least an hour each day and also devotes an hour each day to some type of business training.  Mario did a great job with the stonework and gave excellent customer service.  I asked Mario how old he is, and he stated that I’m only 22!!!  I told him he’s off to a great start!!!


“Successful people, in all callings, never stop acquiring specialized knowledge related to their major purpose, business, or profession.” –  Napoleon Hill


Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for gaining the specialized knowledge to share with all of us here at MFF.  Thank you to all my friends here at MFF that continue to share your specialized knowledge each and every week.


Nick Harper


Are YOU ready to use this mlm secret and apply the specialized knowledge today NOT tommorow?


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