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Rick Burnett explains an mlm secret on how to go from poverty to riches today. There is an old saying that poverty is a mindset! You gotta believe that you can be rich BEFORE you see the money. If you do not believe that it can happen then even if someone gives you a handout, you will lose it all. Because its one thing at attract money but its ANOTHER thing in learning how to manage it and keep it! That is investing it and making it grow.

Lets say you put $100,000 in the bank and it pays 6% interest per month. That is $6000 per month. Picture yourself earning $72,000 per year. That is replacing your JOB income, if everyone knew that was possible they would be doing it! Because that way any job loss or something similiar like that would not affect them financially because unemployment benefits are only 6 months long and residual income could last forever. Remember to KEEP your customers and your people & always duplicate that!

Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2019-01-28

It takes money to make money! Haven’t we all heard that more times than we care to count? It’s just a plain lie, lie, lie that was programmed into our false selves or conditioned minds. The story of Mr. Barnes goes to prove that. Hill made the statement that Barnes stood there before Edison looking like a bum. What made Barnes any different from any of the other seemingly healthy enough to work people that you see on almost every street corner these days? And at the appearance of being heartless I say that with compassion because I know that not all are mentally competent and that cannot be helped! I am talking about the ones who have chosen that way of life.


You remember that there are two rivers that flow in two different directions, one is poverty and the other is riches. Barnes had nothing but good positive thoughts of what he wanted more than anything and chose to jump into that river of riches. He BELIEVED he would be Edison’s partner. His desire kept intensifying the whole time he spent waiting on his chance, even when it might appear that it wouldn’t materialize. Do we do the same?. He burned all bridges. He was persistent and HE NEVER GAVE UP until he got what he wanted.


Barnes proved that thoughts truly are things and the wonderful thing is, that is the only thing God gives us control over so we should use them wisely. It really does NOT take money to make money and that should give hope to all who have learned How to think, not What to think!


I am so grateful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for providing this platform to teach us how to think and not what you think and for all my mastermind partners that have become family!


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al


I most likely wont be on the afternoon call but will sure look forward to the replay. I’ll be headed due east and then due south with my long johns on!  : )


Now its time to put this mlm secret to USE, not tommorow!


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