MLM Secret On Persistence Just Like Winning Ball Games Today

All the persistence in the world means NOTHING without a plan of action. What goal are you accomplishing? And do you have a DEADLINE for it? Because the meaning of a goal is a dream with a DEADLINE. If you do not havea  goal you are making a wish NOT a decision just like the late Sarah Thompson mentioned. And Tuula Rands mentioned Anthony Robbins quote last week. If there is no new action you have not truly decided on anything.

Do you know WHAT you want and do you know how to get there. More importantly do you have the SKILLS to get there. Obviously people join people whom they know, like and trust but they want to be sponsors whom they think thave SKILLS. Like I mentioned in last week example a dog knows when his master has a lack of courage. If that is the case prospects have the feeling of whether you know what you are doing or not. They do not have to know you that well.  If you do not have skills then learn the skills. There are plenty of audios here in our back office that teach you skills. A difference between a newbie is that a newbie is someone who flounders left and right. Trial and error and trial and error. A smart beginner is the one who looks for the person who gets RESULTS and does what he does. Thats the one who becomes a leader most quickest because he is the intelligent follower.

Richard Dennis once interviewed a top leader here in Mentoring For Free who previously failed for his first 25 years in mlm. And used the SYSTEM to have massive success by mastering everything that we teach here.  He was an uber green but that is the least important. RESULTS counted and he earned the right to be interviewed by Richard Dennis because he was the specialist NOT the generalist. And it said on the lesson plan in the Coaches Corner call that RESULTS count not reasons.

A few years later Richard Dennis mentioned that if you have no plans on being a leader in this industry get out. And Bob Shoaf mentioned many times the word IMPACT. Because people will never forget what you said, they rarely will remember what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel. 

Leaders use NOT only Synthetic imagination but they also have Creative imagination too. That are the hunches. Walt Disney, The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Bill Gates of course! Everyone having a computer in their home.

Like I mentioned many times Michael Dlouhy visualized the BMW. The color of the car, the seats of in the car, is there a CD player for personal development and much more. Picture it it in great detail just like he has. If I tell you more then I will let the cat out of the bag!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: There is an old saying believe it BEFORE you see it. Not I will believe it when I see it. Invisible Results  The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson... 

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Lawrence Bergfeld


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