MLM Secret On Mastering Failure Causes Today

Marty Roe describes an mlm secret on mastering the causes of failure today so that we can be on our way to massive success!
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Posted: 2020-05-19


Chapter 7

Organized Planning!

From the book,

Think And Grow Rich!


In this chapter Napoleon Hill, gives us a lists that we can use

To check ourselves when it come to Organized Planning!

He gives us a list of Thirty Major Causes Of Failure.

I want to focus on 2 out of the thirty.


These are quotes from Napoleon Hill!

Lack Of Persistence. Most Of us are good starters, but poor

Finishers, of everything we begin. Moreover, people are prone

To give up at the first signs of defeat. There is no substitute for

Persistence. The person who makes Persistence his watch-word,

Discovers that Old Man Failure, finally becomes tired, and makes

His departure.  Failure cannot cope with Persistence.


Negative Personality. There is no hope of success for the person who

Repels people through a negative personality. Success comes

Through the application of power, and power is attained through

The cooperative efforts of other people. A negative personality

Will not induce cooperation.


What kept Edison from quitting after well over 1,000 failures?

I had a hard time wrapping my brain around all his failures,

and he kept going. Most people would have quit after a few

failures, and gone in search of another line of work.

Mr Edison learn from his mistakes and documented them,

So he would not make the same mistakes over and over again,

Perfect example of failing forward.

I believe Michael Dlouhy had to be very Organized when it came

To joining over 100 companies, I don’t think he could have

Remembered everything he learned, and started writing his

Book from memory, he most likely took a lot of notes, and from

Those notes he was able to Organize the book Success In 10 Steps,

You can also get it in audio.

 Most of us have been staying close to home over the past few

months, I made the Decision to get my home a little more

Organized.  I have been  taking few hours on Saturday, to do

That.  The positive self talk I use goes like this, I am working on

My Green Personality, I am working on my Green Personality,

I am working on my Green Personality!


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