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Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2019-06-19

Gradually, the idea became a giant under its own power, and it coaxed, nursed, and drove me. Ideas are like that. First you give life and action and guidance to ideas, then they take on power of their own and sweep aside all opposition.Napoleon Hill

Ideas can actually take on their own power like Napoleon Hill says but to really carry out the ideas that pop into our head we need to give them life and action.  This is where our Imagination comes into help us.  We have to think about what it would be like if we carried out this idea.  Imagination! Wow!

 We must rely on the rest of the principles that Mr. Hill is teaching us in this book,”Think and Grow Rich.”

Mr.Hill says that we must master, Assimilate and begin to make use of ALL the principles.  We must also use our synthetic and creative imagination. They won’t work unless they are used.  Synthetic imagination must used when we are making plans of how to build our business.  This involves using knowledge and wisdom that others have found successful. We must know when an opportunity is just that an opportunity.  Then it is very helpful to find someone who will support your idea and work with you to have it come about.  Then Determination, Definiteness of Purpose, the Desire to attain the goal we are striving for, and persistent effort is our focus.

It is this burning desire that sets aflame our heart that really keeps us motivated to carry on.   Thank you Mastermind, Michael and Linda Dlouhy and all the people who contribute to this forum for all your support.


Ethel Van Zanten 

Tucson, AZ.

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