MLM Secret On Escaping Fear Today

Nick Harper describes in detail an mlm secret on escaping fear today so that you can live the life that you always wanted to live. If you bring up thoughts of fear then you will attract more of them, because its all negative & energy draining. It takes 10 positive thoughts to get rid of a negative thought and 66 days to get rid of a bad habit. Why go there? Makes no sense. Have enthusiasm, faith, love, desire, hope, romance and prosperity in mind and take action on what you learned. Because faith without action is meaningless. Just like knowledge on ice is as well!


Chapter 15: How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

Google defines FEAR unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

INDECISION is the seedling of FEAR! Remember this, as you read. Indecision crystalizes into DOUBT, the two blend and become FEAR! The “blending” process often is slow. This is one reason why these three enemies are so dangerous. They germinate and grow without their presence being observed. 

My primary color is Green...I have so many ebooks and ibooks stored on devices that I'll never get to...I recently had a conversation with my good friend Rick about taking action...he created a business plan and ran it by his mentor.  His mentor said it was missing numbers meaning how many will you talk get x amount of other words you can describe the actions you are going to take but have to know the numbers...the ratios.  Well if I don't talk to anyone the ratio is guaranteed to be ZERO...I have a cousin that's always said perfect pratice makes perfect...but I don't believe in perfect pratice!!! I must take action first of all...I know that I must step up to the plate and take a swing...I might strike out/(make a mistake) or possibly knock it out of the park!!! 

But to be real!!!  Nothing's perfect...I know that I must make mistakes and that's when learning occurs...make adjustments and move forward!!!  I'm going to speak at my company convention soon and help a lot of others avoid the mistakes that I've made along the way. 

MFF has taught me that my excuses/lack of effort are'nt acceptable!!! It's up to me to change and do the work...I live in a land that has the best opportunities in the what's my excuse...COMFORTABILITY!!!


I have many ideas, but I've discovered that ideas are worthless unless we act on them!!!  

The only GHOST that I can accept in my life is a production of Rolls Royce...

I'm very thankful for Linda and Michael Dlouhy for having the patience to develop a striving entrepreneur into a true leader...I'm forever grateful and I'll pass this very special gift along to others!!!  Thank you to all of the members of this harmonious mastermind for you thoughts, ideas, and's greatly appreciated!!!

Nick Harper 



Now its time to use this mlm secret and take massive action today NOT tommorow! That way you will be able to win big for your family!


Lawrence Bergfeld


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Lawrence Bergfeld


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