MLM Secret On Avoiding Bad Phrases Today

Tom Big Al Schrieter talks about an mlm secret of avoiding bad phrases today because then our prospect gets defensive!


We don't see this coming.

We prepare our notes. Focus on our prospects' motivations. Then carefully begin our presentation story ... and instantly, we have that bad feeling again. It is over.


Over already? We haven’t finished our entire list of benefits. What went wrong? Why did our prospect make a "no" decision?

Here is what happens in our prospects’ minds.

We want our prospects to decide if our business will improve their lives, or not.

Somewhere in our presentation, our prospects change their decision criteria. Now they think, "You are a salesman. What can I find in your presentation to protect me from you?"

What triggers this?

Rapport and the words we say. That is why we must be careful of the words and phrases we use with our prospects.

If we notice this change in decision criteria, stop. Rewind the previous 30 seconds and see what we said that triggered this disaster.

Some examples of possible words or phrases that could trigger this event?
  • "Just share this with your friends."
  • "And if everyone sponsors just two ..."
  • "Make a prospect list of 200 names."
  • "If your 'why' is big enough, you will figure out how to do it."
  • "Pretend to be excited when talking to ..."

Great phrases help us. Bad phrases doom us instantly. Making a list of both types of phrases for our business is one of the best exercises we can do.


Now its time to use this mlm secret today and learn SKILLS so that our prospects say Tell Me More!


Lawrence Bergfeld



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Lawrence Bergfeld


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