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Posted: 2018-11-04

What I thought about this lesson on Auto Suggestion is that your brain is no different than a computer. You gotta feed your mind good thoughts where you can take ACTION on that have emotion. Because faith without action is deadwords. If you repeat every day "Day by day I am getting better" without any emotion it will not reach your subconscious mind. It gotta be emotional because your subconsious mind is running on auto pilot and Big Al says its dumb as a bunch of rocks. Think about when you have a tough day then picture your perfect day. Lets say the day where you were on the dance floor on a cruise dancing with this special girl, or doing 6 flips on the trampoline and everyone is cheering for you! You get the idea it has to get you emotional and put you in the happy state of mind. Think about the positive energy you put out there on social media to the people whom you like and have had a memory with. That should get you jacked up and ready to rock and roll! When you do that you transfer that enthuisasim to your clients, your co workers and everyone whom you come into contact with. People are either happy or NOT. And Ken Klemn talked about on a call of the song "Don't Worry by Bobby Mc Ferrin" and one line is key in there "when you worry you make it double, so don't worry be happy.... I would say the less you worry the BETTER it gets! Because in business like Michael Clouse says in the last chapter of the book the Fifth Principle to take action and get better! That way you are growing. Bob Shoaf mentioned if you are not growing then you are decaying. Therefore you gotta leave people better than you found them NOT worse because you want people comming towards you just like they do to the Duncan Donuts that is full, NOT the one across the street thats empty. When you are in a negative funk "Tell yourself "I am responsible for my day I can have a good day or I can have a bad day, its my choice. 

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld




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Lawrence Bergfeld


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