Making those life Decisions

Would it be ok if I shared my lesson on Chapter 8 from Think and Grow Rich for this week’s Think and Grow Rich Lessons with You.

For many years before meeting Jenny I had wanted to get married, it wasn’t until decided that the next woman that would meet was going to be my own wife. That is the way decision works, for many years I had been searching online as wanted to settle down. Nothing fully happened until I decided that the next person was the one. Yes I’d have dates here and there, Getting to know people, were they the right people no way.

back_3Napoleon states in chapter 8 on decision “The majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient for their needs, are generally easily influenced by the opinions of others. They permit the gossiping neighbours to do their thinking for them”.

decision-makingFor many years that happened to be myself, that would let the opinions and thoughts of those around me stop me from making a decision. Stopping me dead in my tracks really, listening to those who truly weren’t the right person to discuss the subject with. Turning to a woman who no longer drives and who also fears what may happen to that car for advice on getting a new car. Even saying look I am going to upgrade this car. It stopped me dead in my tracks listening to that persons fear which has run their life.

anxiety6For years I made the decision to turn to those who are unsuccessful in network marketing for their Decision. I left network marketing in 2005 after 2 years with one company based on one of those decisions. Failing to realize the person had no network marketing experience although they had business experience, for most of that time I was still self-employed doing a different type of work assisting their students to learn computers.

if-you-have-no-confidence-in-self-you-are-twice-defeated-in-the-race-of-life-quote-1Over the years one decision has rang true, was I was ever fully committed to the employer that was working for. I never truly said what wanted to do with my own life looked like. I was always more committed to my family, to my health after that scare in 2006. It is time to make the decision to choose myself as my employer to be self-employed rather than having to work the hours that someone else tells me that have to work. It’s a choice to walk away from the pension also we all need to make those choices even when they may be one that is rough.

th (1)I am going to be self-employed, earning an income and replacing the disability pension that now receive. That I am able to provide for our family and be there for them.

Thank You to Michael and Linda Dlouhy  for Your ongoing guidance love and support. To Ken Klemm for Your own guidance, support and encouragement. Thanks for my loving wife Jenny for her support, encouragement, and love.

Your friend for life,

With love and appreciation

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia working towards moving to the Gold Coast Qld Australia


We love and appreciate you,
We believe in You
Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny

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