Keeping on going towards a goal

Would it be ok if I shared my lesson on Chapter 9 from Think and Grow Rich for this week’s Think and Grow Rich Lessons with You.

2 Friends (www_cute-pictures_blogspot_com)Wow what a chapter with a very powerful reminder on the power of just keeping on going towards our goal. It may take years to achieve a goal, all those failures are lessons and tests that will help you to achieve Your desired goal.

925505_1478708732363299_913193697_n`Napoleon states “every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.” every time You fall short of a goal then You have learned a lesson how to achieve that goal.

thV7USIPI9two guys Jack and Bill want to get married, they both want to settle down it’s their major desire to find that love of their lives. Jack goes out there he looks for love and has a idea of type of woman that he is looking for after a while he stops looking for that woman and goes whats the use.

$_3while Bill goes out there looking for love, he also has an idea of the type of woman that he is looking for, he keeps on searching and learning the lessons that come his way about that future that he wants, he puts his time into improving his skills, he puts his time into becoming a better partner / husband to his future wife, even when he may have searched through thousands of profiles and introduced himself to thousands of women, been on many dates he just didn’t find that one who he clicked with and was meant to be with.

6571060-young-man-kissing-his-wife-sitting-on-bed-at-homeBill just keeps on going, he keeps searching, learning more about himself and those in his life until he meets Sandra 10 years after he started his search, they meet get to know each other and it goes from there, 9 months later they are living together and 2 years after they meet they are getting married. they want their own family again they persist until they discover that they are going to parents. it took them 15 months to finally get to that stage where they were told yes You are pregnant, they went to many doctors appointments and looked at what could do to help them. eventually, they learned what needed to be done and bang they are to be parents.

11209733_941528419201135_3126404278616272340_nThat is the type of persistence that we need to use within our lives to build our business, we may be offering the book success in 10 steps constantly and learning those skills needed to become a success, keeping on practicing until we are that person who we need to be. You can either be jack who gives up and says what’s the use or be a bill who just keeps on going even though it may have taken 10 years or more to achieve his goal.

8096548653_22b7eab50dThank you to my amazing mentors and coaches Michael and Linda Dlouhy along with Ken Klemm for Your ongoing, love, guidance, support and encouragement and helping me to just to keep on going until I achieve those dreams. Never stopping giving up on that one dream that have and its going to happen being able to be that stay at home parent and earn a income from home.

confront_and_overcome_your_fears_and_phobias_with_this_expert_adviceWishing you all a life full of love and health,

Your friend for life,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia (living on the gold coast of QLd by 29 may 2021).

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Wishing You a life full of Love and Health,

Your friends for Life,
Ben and Jenny 

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