Who Is Coming To Your House For The Holidays?

We must learn to control our thoughts by focusing on the positive emotions. We should ask ourselves how are we treating others around us or over the phone.   Are we leaving those people better off after they speak with us?  Are we the b...

By Ingrid

Do You Have A Burning Desire Or Just A Want?

There are some  people who cannot wrap their head around  strong emotions like having a burning white hot desire  because they are too confronting.  Instead they may have wishes and wants but these are not true desires.&n...

By Ingrid

What Are You Thinking About Today?

Thoughts are Things.  We can truly have anything we want in any aspect of our lives.  Maybe we want a new car or a new house or even a new pin level in our network marketing business.  Perhaps we may even want to build better relat...

By Ingrid

Poverty or Riches ...Which Road Will You Choose?

Poverty….or Riches…, Poverty or Riches…. Hmm ...Which road will we decide to drive down?

Imagine this  ...You are driving along the road and you come to the end of the street.  There are two greens signs...

By Ingrid

Why Most Network Marketers Do Zero Retail Business

Is retailing product a true network marketing opportunity?

On this planet, the lifeblood of any company is retail sales to the end consumer. Think about this, 
Business models drive the behavior in the field.

By Ingrid

Are You Using Your Talents To Become Successful?

Truly successful people don't use others....others use them.


By contributing  something to another person no matter how small your talent, you too can become successful. The measure of anyone is the number of pe...

By Ingrid

Your Success Is Closer Than You Think

Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity. But you have to act on them if you're going to be successful.

Distant pastures always look greener than those close at hand, but real opportunities are right where you are....

By Ingrid

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