Exclusive Network Marketing Truth On Stopping Chatter Today

Marty Roe describes in detail a network marketing truth on getting rid of all negativity in your mind or else you will get nowhere fast in your business nor in your life.
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA

Posted: 2019-01-13

Chapter  14

The Sixth Sense,

From The Book,

Think And Grow Rich!


The starting point of all achievement is desire.

The finishing point is that brand of knowledge which leads

To understanding – understanding of self, understanding of

Others, understanding of the laws of Nature, recognition and

Understanding of happiness.   (Hill)


To me the Sixth Sense has to do with our thoughts.

Back last May a friend of mine called me and wanted

Me to go to a funeral with him, one of out teachers where

We went to high school passed away.  I said sure I will go

With you! After I hung up the phone it hit me, my jeep

It’s broke down, I am going to have to take my truck

124 miles one way, I don’t drive my truck as much as

I use to, I start thinking, when was the last time the

Van belts were changed, the water hoses, tires, were

replaced, they still have plenty of tread on the tires

every thing looks good.  I left out at 4am in the morning

I did not have any problems, I was proud of the old

1980 GMC pick up truck, it took me over into

Mississippi and back no problem.  A few days later I

Was running some errands around town, when I stopped at

A friend of mines lawnmower shop, when I started to leave I noticed

I had a flat, right rear, we thought maybe we can air

It up, as air was being put into the tire started to fill up,

All of a sudden we heard this air gushing sound, and the

Tire went flat. We noticed a small hole in the tire with wire

Mesh sticking out of it, we came to the conclusion the tire

Blew out while putting air into it. I was told a few times you

Picked a good place to have a flat.  We put the spare on,

It did not look like it would go very far, the next morning

On the way to the gym, the spare tire blew out, once

Again I was in a good place I pulled up into a very well

Lit parking lot, early in the morning nobody there,

their was nothing but strips of rubber and wire mesh

wrapped around the rim.  Thank goodness for road side

service, my truck and I were towed to a tire store. I was told the date on my main tire that went

flat was 2004, I was surprised, those tires are over 10

years old!

I bought 4 bran new tires, I had reasoned out in my

Mind, that if you don’t replace all your tires you are

Going to have 3 more flats and you might not be In

A good location.

Michael has told us some great stories about listening

To his thoughts, he bought a hub assembly before

He went on a trip, it turned out that he needed the

Hub assembly, he ended up putting it on, on the side

Of the road.

Some of the best advise I have received sense coming

Here is that you must get the noise out of your mind,

To much TV, to much News Papers, to many nay sayers.

Thank you Michael and Linda, everybody who post

And take part in this Master Mind, we really do learn

From each other.




Are you going to use this network marketing truth and get rid of the chatter in your mind or will you continue listening to the naysayers?


Lawrence Bergfeld


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