Exclusive Network Marketing Truth On Overcoming Obstacles Today

Cory Layne reveals a network marketing truth on how we can overcome obstacles just like many other people have done so and why we must avoid settling for less. We have greater opportunities here in America and we must STOP taking it for granted today NOT tommorow!
Cory Layne East Millinocket, ME, United States

Posted: 2018-07-17

This is one of many books that I've read multiple times and found new insights each time I read it.  Like the Chinese proverb: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."  I must not have been ready when I read it 40 years ago or 30 years ago.  Most of it went right over my head.  But with each reading, I've gleaned a bit of wisdom.

I've always been goal oriented, and looking back I can see that every goal that I achieved was backed by a BURNING DESIRE and FAITH that I could accomplish my goal.  Contrarily, those goals that didn't materialize were just "wanna haves" with no emotional drive to achieve them.

Like most people, as long as I was comfortable, I had no desire to change the status quo.  And most people are comfortable when they have "enough".  Enough to eat, a roof over their heads, someone to love and be loved by, enough money to pay the bills, clothes that aren't too far out-of-style, a little fun and entertainment, a few friends--you know what I'm talking about.  They are not HUNGRY for more, so they don't have a lot of ambition to create wealth or invent something useful or solve the problems of the world.  They just want to stay in their comfort zone and keep doing what they're doing.  There is no BURNING DESIRE to change anything, just a lot of wishful thinking.

That is why so many immigrants have come to America with just the shirts on their backs, seized whatever opportunity they could find, overcome whatever obstacles that get in their way, and rise from nothing to become financially successful in time, like Dr An Wang from communist China, founder of Wang Labs; Marko Rubel from Croatia, a real estate millionaire; Arnold Schwartzeneger from Austria, bodybuilder, actor, politician; the "boat people" from Vietnam; Cubans from sinking rafts who swam ashore in Florida; and so many others. They all had a BURNING DESIRE and the FAITH to rise above their stations in life.

The majority of Americans, presented with the same opportunities, are too complacent to grab hold of them.  But a few will see an opportunity and find a mentor or read a book or figure things out and develop that DESIRE and FAITH to accomplish miracles.  Thoughts ARE things.  Thoughts attract whatever resources are needed to materialize into whatever we desire.

I like Hill's use of the word "materialize".  Einstein's formula E=MC² tells us that a lot of energy can be created from a little matter if its atoms are eccelerated to the square of the speed of light.  But the corollary is also true, a lot of energy divided by the square of the speed of light can produce a little matter.  My vision of God is not a bearded old man in a white robe sitting on a throne, but pure intelligent energy that looks like the Aurora Borealis up close.  God is omnipresent.  That means God is everywhere.  In every electron and quark within every atom in the Universe.  God's energy can be converted to matter at will, God's will; that is, it can MATERIALIZE into any form we, through our thoughts and prayers, desire.

My next task is to develop a BURNING DESIRE to achieve my WHY, the FAITH to see it through, and to pass that emotion on to others to enrich their lives.  I look forward to working with Michael, my sponsor Bob Shoaf, and others within the MFF family.

Joy and abundance,

Cory Layne


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