Exclusive Network Marketing Secret On Using Brain To Move Forward Today

Celeste Smucker gives you a network marketing secret in order for you to use your mind to move forward and have it working for you. Because you have to be clear on what you WANT and have specialized knowledge so that prospects can be attracted to you rather than your competition. It happens only when you stop suffering in silence and learn SKILLS from the people who have gone before you. 

Nobody can build this business by themselves. It takes a team of people who come together to share ideas and then USE it to get results. When something is not working they retrace their steps and make adjustments just like Jeff Olson describes in the book The Slight Edge like this: Plan, Do, Review, Adjust, Plan, Do, Review, Adjust and then they get back on track. They make sure they get RESULTS because without results they are not a leader and prospects follow people who know where they are going, know how to get there and have the SKILLS to get there as well.

Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2018-04-29

You have a brain and mind of your own.  Use it and reach your own decisions.  -- Napoleon Hill



Making good decisions is critical to business and personal success.  When you don't make a decision to move forward, to try something new, to engage the mentors and mastermind group that will support you along the way, you are choosing to stay where you are.  If that isn't where you want to be, if it is a stuck place, a frustrating and even miserable spot, then you have only yourself to blame.  And by the way, blame is another trap where a lot of us get stuck from time to time.  Blame never moves us forward, ever.


Why is decision making so difficult for some of us?  All we have to do is check in with ourselves, remember our deepest desires, and have the faith to go for it using our imagination and following our carefully-crafted organized plan.  If we need help we need only find the specialized knowledge that is just around the corner.


What could go wrong?  Maybe we aren't clear about our desire.  If it comes from a place of fear like "I must have more income right now or else," then we are putting out negativity that keeps customers away. We have all mentored people who live in that kind of fear and don't understand how self-defeating it is.


Maybe we have a solid desire but aren't developing the strength of will that comes from faith.  How often have we been reminded to follow the 6 steps in Chapter 2, reading them twice daily, and how often do we hear about the critical importance of saying our self talk 1,000 times a day?  If we don't follow this advice, don't heed the specialized knowledge coming from our mentors, we may not have sufficient faith  to make good decisions.  


People who lack faith, who waiver, who procrastinate often do so by asking everyone they know what to do  And when they do that they get lots of conflicting advice from others without sufficient specialized knowledge  to be helpful.  Following this path is like being a boat with no rudder.  You go which ever way the current takes you and chances are it won't get you where your heart tells you to go.  The result is a lot of frustration and a continuing lack of success.


On the other hand, people who know their true desires and stay focused on a path forward, consulting only their mentors and mastermind group while being consistent with self talk, will find decision making simple.  If they are clear where they are going, they will also recognize when a decision will keep them on track and when it will send them off in another direction. These are the people who collect relevant information, consult trusted sources and make a decision quickly from which they rarely waiver.  


Remember, one of the biggest threats to forward progress is allowing yourself to be swayed by others rather than relying on your own mind and brain.  Which is why Hill reminds us how important it is to "use it to reach your own decisions."  When you do so out of the clarity that comes from following his advice you will begin to see the success you have been waiting for.



Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA


Use this network marketing secret and focus on getting RESULTS and take your business to a whole notha level! Stay away from the nay sayers because they are dream destroyers!

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