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Steve Johnson talks about a network marketing secret on having a burning desire so that you can get what you want in business and in life. To accomplish what you want you have to want to have it more than anything else in life! Avoid worrying about others telling you how obsessed you are with your dreams! Because its NOT their life, its YOUR life! What are you fired up about?

Steve Johnson Orlando, FLORIDA, US

Posted: 2019-01-29

Thoughts Are Things

You are the Master of your fate, the Captain of Your Soul

  Thoughts are things when mixed with purposs and a burning desire or ambition. Napoleon writes that burning thoughts must be definate.

  How does one find that burning desire? I don't believe it is something that can be saught or created.

  It is an emotion we get when we desire something so much that we are willing to do anything and everything nessessary to achieve the set goal.

It is what will drive you through the set backs and hardships inspite of the difficulties and disadvantages you may have. It will consume you to do your best.

When Edwin C. Barnes had a burning desire to work with Thomas Edison he offered his service more than once. Then when an oppertunity

was offered, he took the product and sold it when others said, "IT CAN'T BE DONE".

The Wright Brothers had a burning desire for flight. They created the airplane and attemted flight several times untill they SOARED into success.

 We must believe in ourself and have faith in our abilities and skills and do everything needed to achieve the success we desire.


   As in the story about the lil black slave girl. This reminds me of when my father had a '55 CHEVY with a broken crankshaft.

I had a BURNING DESIRE to have that car as my own. So when I was 16, I asked if I could have it, I was handed the keys and a mechanics manual.  Every day

after school and through the summer, I worked on it. Then came the day to "FIRE IT UP". It didn't start the first few tries. Persistence (BURNING DESIRE) won the fight.

 Another time was when I applied as an Electrician. The first six months were a great chalenge. I keep saying, " I will not quit! If I am not good enough,

they will have to fire me". Six months later, I understood what I was doing and became an excelent Electrician.

Thoughts are things so we must change our FAILURE CONCIOUSNESS to a SUCCESS CONCIOUSNESS.

Desire is knowing what you want. You are "The MASTER OF YOUR FATE, THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR SOUL". So GRAB the wheel and steer that ship into uncharted waters.

For there is where you will find the adventures and dreams that you seek. The harbour may be safe, but the ship will only rot and die there.

 Our thoughts attract situations, people, and guide our fate. The choice is yours. "Choose Wisely".


To your and my success:

Steve Johnson

Sunny Orlando

Are you ready to USE this network marketing secret and take your business to a whole notha level or are you just going to continue sitting on the fence?


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