Exclusive MLM Truth On Plan Of Action Today

In my lesson plan I describe an mlm truth on putting a plan of action to USE today so that I can have tommorow what others can't!

Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA


Its one thing to learn the skills and put them into a PLAN OF ACTION and asking people to be our customer. It's okay if they say NO. We did our job and we have to ask ourselves two questions:

1. How can we adjust so that we get a yes next time?

2. What skills we need to learn?

Then make an adjustment and get back in the field & ASK.

If you don't ask you are no different than the person who attends class & does not do his homework. Just because we are done with high school and college does NOT mean that this rule does not count anymore.

There is no reason to cry if your friends and family do not support you. Some people unfortunately lost their warm market but that did NOT stop them from learning new skills & building their team & accomplishing the highest rank in their company.

Point is its not how you start. It's how you FINISH that matters in the end.

Henry Ford made his decision by keeping the Model T in style and did NOT change it for a long time even when his advisors told him to. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe not. But the point is this, its better to make the wrong decision than no decision at all. Michael Dlouhy says "Pull the trigger", you do NOT have answer until you TEST it! And if the 56 men did not sign the Declaration of Independence & no mastermind between Adams, Lee and Hancock there would be NO America. Hello!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Do what others won't so tommorow you can have what others can't!

Time to put this mlm truth to use!


Lawrence Bergfeld




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Lawrence Bergfeld


By Lawrence

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