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I describe in detail an mlm tip on being clear on what you want in life today in my lesson plan! Because if you are NOT clear on what you want to achieve in life you will be getting nowhere fast. Remember the song What A Feeling? It has the lyric in it Take Your Passion and Make It Happen! As I am writing it I am thinking of the rest of the lyrics of overcoming fear! "All alone I have cried, silent tears..." You know the rest sing along in mind if you wish. And I imagine going on the trapeze at Club Getaway and overcoming fear by just doing it! I am having fun transforming that energy into writing, building my business and everything else in life! If you take your perfect moment of overcoming one thing in life and transfer that energy to another area of your life then you will win big!



Posted: 2019-01-13

The bottom line of this chapter is to be clear on what you want just like Henry Ford was with the automobile and Thomas Edison was with the talking machine and the moving picture machine! They knew what they wanted to bring to their mastermind group that is ideas that the CUSTOMER would be able to put into action! They had a Definite Purpose. Faith and Fear do NOT mix. Doubt takes you out of action and Action takes you out of doubt. The longer you wait to take action on whatever you want to accomplish your enthusiasm decreases and your fear increases. And if a dog knows his master has a lack of couragethen so does your clients in your back office, your friends, family members and everybody else. Just get going today NOT tomorrow. And make adjustments when things don’t work like Tuula Rands mentionedin one of her lessons. And Michael Dlouhy author ofSuccess In Ten Steps says “Don’t stay stuck, look at other avenues. Last but not least Bob Shoaf says usethe five step formula in Ch 3 and the Six Steps In Chapter 2 and those 6 Steps Twice in the morning and once before we retire at night.

Just get going today NOT tomorrow! You fail forward by learning as you go. And Ken Klemms music teacher said make  a new mistake next time! As Ken Klemm mentioned many times mistakes are painful. No pain no gain. Suffering? We don’t go there as Bob Newhart says in the Stop It video! Plan, do, review, adjust as Jeff Olson mentions in the Slight Edge! Just do it and do it till the job gets done Art Williams. Winners do it and do it...

Write down those hunches because if you don’t they will disappear as fast as they came! And act on it because knowledge is to be put into action if it’s to work in your life! Duh!

Lawrence Bergfeld 


PS: Here is how to make a decision in applying this mlm tip as described by the great Mel Robbins, five, four, three, two one go!


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Lawrence Bergfeld


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