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Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2018-10-25

Chapter 2 Desire 



As he made his way from the railroad tracks to Thomas A. Edison’s office, his mind was at work. He saw himself standing in Edison’s presence. He heard himself asking Mr. Edison for an opportunity to carry out the one CONSUMING OBSESSION OF HIS LIFE, a BURNING DESIRE to become the business associate of the great inventor.

Barnes’ desire was not a hope! It was not a wish! It was a keen, pulsating DESIRE, which transcended everything else. It was DEFINITE.

Google defines Desire as: 

a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

The best example of dersire that I can think of is my little cousin Czack.  He was diagnosed with down syndrome at birth, but no one could ever convince him that he had down syndrome.  Czack had a love for music, he played several different instruments, and he loved to sing.  Czack was also a world class athlete he competed all over the world in the special olympics.  Czack had the privilege of traveling all over the world, his dad Mark was in the US Army.  Everywhere that Czack went he always had fans!  The amazing thing about this group of athletes in the special olympics is that they have a burning desire to compete and they love what they do.  No they don't get paid millions of dollars or sign shoe endorsements, they compete because that's what they love to do and you couldn't pay them any amount of money not to compete.   


Czack passed away a few years ago and people from all over the world came to Texas to attend his funeral.  Czack was only 21 when he passed, but he did more than people 3 times his age, he left his mark on the world, and this all started with a desire to compete in the special olympics.


Nick Harper  

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