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What I am learning so far in Building Your Business In 15 Minutes A Day is the following. This business is 80% mindset and 20% skills. Tom Big Al Schrieter once mentioned that personal development makes us better people but that alone will not build our business. Ask your self this question. Would you want to have your car fixed by a mechanic who is eager to fix it but does not do so because he does not know how, or an unfriendly mechanic whose attitude you can't stand but has skills? I would choose the latter because SKILLS to get the job done makes a big difference BIG TIME! Skills hold people back from building their business.

Every day we can use for 15 minutes three skills. My favorite one is are you married to your job or are you open minded? Open minded are when they are busy at work let them know that next time you get your check remove it from the envelope and hold it up to the light and ask yourself "Is this all I am worth?" "And could this check be any bigger if I just contacted Lawrence?"

Most important part is to pay attention to the answers that they are saying and how they say it. If they sound skeptical give them space & leave them alone. Timing is not right for them. They will call you when they want to make a change. But if you push them or sound like you want something from them then they are going to elsewhere when  the timing is right and you will never hear from them again. My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy says if you need money get a job or 2, don't do mlm due to the fact if prospects see dollar signs in your eyes then they will not bite and you are not any different from the person who says "marry me!"

Ken Klemn and Bob Shoaf say leave oithers better than you find them!! Because as Maya Angelou says people will never forget what you said, they rarely will remember what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Lawrence Bergfeld



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Lawrence Bergfeld


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