Desire how strong is your desire

energy-and-lovemany desires have been spoken up only to be shot down through being around a destructive environment. We can express our desire or wish through our self talk and what we say and do for ourselves affirming who we are as a person, at the same time we have to keep ourselves on guard with our desires and turn to those who support our goals and dreams as a person.

We can be like Henry Ford “Going I want this and I am going to have that” being so determined to achieve our desire and goal that we just wash all that rubbish that gets thrown at us away. Walking away from those who are going to knock Your goal.

awakeing-bodyyou may be doing Your self talk in public waiting for a bus or even on the bus when someone starts having a go at You because they want peace and quite. Yes they may get fed up or tell You to shut up this where Napoleons quote from this chapter works so well along with Michael’s also. As Napoleon Says “never mind what they say” and Michael Says “It’s none of my business what anyone else thinks of me it only matters what I think of myself”. We must remember that we are safe and there is no Grisly bear as my good friend Ken Klemm reminds us constantly on the weekly calls.

We have our on desires and we aren’t able to please everyone that was a huge lesson that had to learn on its own it leaves us without any goals or dreams ourselves. A huge goal is the building of a model railway layout at home, when speak about that goal there will be mixed reactions from those that speak to.

to-show-that-love-is-trueI am needing to talk with those who are happy to support that goal and go I am happy to help You achieve this goal. They believe in the goal, rather than hearing someone say the opposite like “shut up”, “it’s too big”, “do You know how big that project will be”, often these statements have taken a desire that have had and bam that dream or desire is gone before anything else can be done about that goal as would happen many times within My own life. they are designed as an excuse to attempt to get someone to conform to that person’s wants and needs rather than letting that person dream more.

Speaking of a desire to buy or obtain a new car and You hear all the wrong reasons rather than all those right reasons. You will find all those supporters when You start speaking of Your own goals and dreams as a person, Your own desire. That You may desire to be a diamond in Your company, with a model layout, being able to travel the world with Your family, at the same time giving families a better life and future. When You speak about Your desire to the right people they will help You to achieve Your goal.

6571060-young-man-kissing-his-wife-sitting-on-bed-at-homeWe just need to identify those who are the right people to talk with about our goals, it’s like turning to someone who believes that keeps on bringing up that You are looking fat owing to their own reality and limiting belief and asking them for advice about changing their health. They are the wrong person to turn to for Your desire to change Your health and lifestyle, You would turn to someone who has lost the weight and regained their health. As Michael Dlouhy often says would You turn to someone who has studied or done the work.

Thank You to my Amazing wonderful friends, Mentors and family at mentoring for free. My amazing wonderful mentors Ken Klemm and Linda and Micahel Dlouhy for Your own ongoing support love and encouragement, along with believing in me. Thank You also to my amazing loving wife Jenny and our Son for Your constant love and support.

Your friend for life,

Big hugs

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia

Ps stop letting the naysayers run Your life, stop letting them talk You out of Your desires, Goals and dreams.


desireChapter 2: Desire
This is probably the 4th or 5th time I read this chapter, and each time it just 
gets better. The story of his son and how he overcame what many said would 
be impossible should be proof enough, that if one desires a thing coupled with 
faith, that they will surely have it.
“Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible.”
The magic word in this is FAITH. The simplest definition of faith is believing 
without seeing in physical form. A strong enough desire, without resistance, 
will soon manifest for anyone that believes it shall be so. Several weeks ago, 
I placed a desire in my mind so strong to attract like-minded individuals so that 
I may pass along to them what I have been given. 
I believe that they have already found me, and every day I find myself speaking 
with another person who possesses the same desires as myself. Our desire isn’t 
money or material things, it is time freedom and to be able to enjoy our lives. Of 
course, earning enough money will give us these things, but the true desire are to 
enjoy the things that money cannot buy; such as our family time and being able to 
travel to places that we have only read about or have seen in movies. 
As for faith, I have personally developed a faith stronger than ever as manifestations 
of my desires a revealed daily. I am believing more and more that I am a leader in my 
company, I have positions in the corporate world that I have not even interviewed for, 
I am sitting at the beach on a tropical island watching my family have the time of their 
lives, and all of those wonderful things. 
copia-de-logo-desireI even speak of these things as if they are already in my physical world, and to those 
that do not understand the law of attraction, I am sure that I sound like a lunatic. I do 
not care, because my belief is what brings my desires into fruition.
As I have matured, I have learned that desire is not merely “wanting” things… no, it 
is something that burns inside of us that guides us through each day. One of the most 
important lessons I have learned, is the universe will not allow us to manifest our 
desires alone. People are placed in our lives so that we can pass what we have 
learned along to them, and in that giving… we are blessed beyond our asking in 
many ways.
Hold onto your desire, and keep your focus on the journey. The journey is the best 
part from desire to manifestation, and as I said last week… it’s the journey that 
builds our character! 
Because you are worth it,
John Wiser
Chapter 2 Desire
When you’re inspired by a great purpose, everything will begin to work for 
you….When you feel inspired, what appeared to be risky becomes a path 
you feel compelled to follow. –Wayne Dyer
confront_and_overcome_your_fears_and_phobias_with_this_expert_adviceWhat inspires you? What is your great purpose,your strongest desire, the one 
that underlies everything else and brings you to tears? 
When I joined MFF, I did so because I wanted a system that would make me 
successful in network marketing. I was doing fairly well in the company I was 
in but had reached a point where I was out of prospects and didn’t know where 
to look next. Also I found that many of the people who had joined me because 
the company offered incentives to become distributors, were canceling their 
auto-ship. They got the free case of product they were promised after so many 
months and quit. There was no loyalty there and certainly no interest in 
becoming a leader. 
They were on to the next shiny object, or back in their default lives. 
I wanted to learn a better way to build a business because obviously what I 
was doing wasn’t working, and I was tired of calling people I knew who had 
no interest in the product or the business or who joined only to quit a few 
months later. I was wasting my time as were they and I didn’t know what to 
do about it….just that there had to be more to life and network marketing than 
At that time I would have said that my desire was to be successful, to pay off 
a few debts and to stop worrying about money. However what convinced me 
to join MFF in the end was a conversation on the Saturday night call when 
people were sharing how their participation had impacted their lives….not 
just their business but their marriages, their relationship with their children 
and with their friends and other relatives, their respect for themselves…the 
list went on and on. I knew I wanted to be part of that and that I wanted to 
share it with others so I joined the pro system and started to promote the e-book.
What I know now is that my burning desire is to inspire others to be their best, 
and I will do that first by becoming the kind of leader that others want to follow. 
MFF will help with its system that encourages the prospects who are serious 
and leaving behind those that aren’t willing to follow the initial 4 steps (thanks 
Steve Porter for that insight). It also helps with the free training and personal 
development that are essential for building leaders. 
I don’t have to be an expert on any of this, just get people enrolled in the process, 
keep in touch and the process will take care of the rest as it does for me and many 
11209733_941528419201135_3126404278616272340_nAll of this is consistent with Hill’s message in this chapter on desire. He gives 
the example of how his burning desire to help his son allowed him to hear even 
though he was born without ears and how his son paid it forward with his own 
burning desire to help other hearing impaired people by creating a marketing 
plan for a hearing aid company where he did just that. 
In both cases the success these people achieved began with a burning desire 
to help someone else. The result was life changing for them and for the people 
they helped…they paid it forward as we do at MFF. 
Chapter 2 also provides the 6 step formula, which when repeated twice daily, 
can turn a desire into one that is what Hill calls a keen, pulsating desire, one 
that burns white hot. Those of us who commit to following the instructions 
will be on our way, and as Wayne Dyer says, what may initially appear to be 
a risky path, will soon be one we feel compelled to follow. The world will 
be a better place because we created a burning desire and acted upon it.
Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA

By Ben

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