Comparing My Personality Vs. My Character

Today I wish to explore the difference between my personality & my character…  My personality is who I am when I’m around others…  My character is who I am when left alone…

Because of my Sunday School upbringing I learned right from wrong, though I became rebellious & had to learn many of life’s lessons the hard way, I paid the price for that…  I’ve known many a difficult time because of this poor attitude of mine…  I truly needed an attitude adjustment…

They say everything happens for a reason…  I’ve had many people come into my life & I’ve learned many valuable lessons, both good & bad…  I will be eternally grateful for those lessons because they have gradually made living my life much easier…  I have a very outgoing personality & I used to feel the need to be the life of the party…  I learned that if I became a clown I could still be the life of the party but the party would be on my terms…  I will be forever grateful for my “Book of Life”, otherwise known as The Bible…  That is what helped me to develop my character & it’s because I developed a gratitude attitude that my personality only improved with practice & age...


I’ve learned that it’s ok to be good to myself today…  Today I am reaping the rewards from learning that lesson…  I don’t require a lot of material things & find some of life’s greatest treasures in thrift stores…  I take comfort in the fact that the items that I purchase there once meant something to someone & gave added value to that person’s life… 

I am so grateful for my life as I'm enjoying it today…

That’s all for now…

Warm regards 'til next time,

Linda Michel White


By Linda Michel

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