Chapter 7 Organized Planning


The Sixth Step toward Riches

In Chapter 2 Hill gives us 6 Steps where plans are created. We are to repeat
these daily to be able to take them from the abstract to the concrete. This will
allow us, if we are COACHABLE, to begin using our IMAGINATION.

To move forward on our journey we MUST:

  1.  Begin posting lessons consistently, speaking up, read other lessons and
      developing a relationship with other mastermind members.
  2.  Decide what benefits you can offer to MFF.
  3.  Be on as many of the 9 weekly calls as possible.
  4.  Always be in a positive state of mind. No negativity allowed.

To continue moving forward, we must work on our plan until it brings us to
tears; until we know we cannot fail. The only way we can fail is to quit MFF.
When you hit a brick wall because your plan isn't working, change it, don't make
an excuse and stop or worse quit. It is GUARANTEED you will hit a brick wall,
just get around it.

Craft your perfect self-talk(s) per Ken Klemm's training. Say it until it
becomes automatic; usually takes a month of saying it at least 1000 times a day
or more. Then you will get "hunches and inspirations" that will allow you to
change your plan and continue.

I've hit that wall several times. I say my self-talk with more emotion and
faith; sometimes asking for help. I get past that wall, every time.

These techniques will GUARANTEE we will develop an organized plan that will keep
us moving forward.

These actions will show Michael and Linda that we are serious and appreciate
what they have developed here in MFF. You can scour the Internet and you will
not find training better than what we have right here. Yes, it is work. Were you
looking for something easy?

I appreciate each member of our mastermind groups.

I especially appreciate each person I talk to on consistent bases. We create a
mastermind group of 2 and for that I am grateful.  We are helping each other
move forward along our journey. I will believe in each of you, until you believe
in yourself.

Thanks to all.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

By Bob

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