Champion MLM Secret Regarding Facebook Stories Today

A top mlm success secret on Facebook today is to tell stories. More people are seeing stories today than anything else. There are more views on stories than on peoples timelines. John Erik Moseler mentions that within the next couple years timelines will be gone! Furthermore stories last for 24 hours and stuff on newsfeed lasts for only 90 minutes. Once the 90 minutes are up on Newsfeed nobody sees it!


Bob Shoaf mentioned that 7-10 stories can be posted there. There are also story based videos as well. Another thing about stories is to make stuff Public. The three things that most relevant today on Facebook are stories, Facebook Lives and Graphics. Also leaving comments on what people post because you want to leave a person better than you have found them. 


When you post a call to action to Facebook then there will be less people that are going to see your posts. And also tell a story as well! People also post Facebook pages as well, and when a picture is taken you must smile. People must see the look in your eyes.


Another thing is Facebook Messenger. Facebook allows you to add up to 5000 friends. However the amount of connections that you make in Messenger is unlimited.  What Bob Shoaf mentions whom he targets is frustrated network marketers. They come into three categories network marketing, enterpreneur and self employed. He also looks for people that you can post on their facebook timelines. And another thing is that a person must have at least 50-60 friends. And 30 people to be safe. He goes by his gut feeling.


Now its time to put this mlm success secret into action and win big!


Lawrence Bergfeld



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Lawrence Bergfeld


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