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Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2018-07-23


The Third Step toward Riches

Napoleon Hill says, "AUTO-SUGGESTION is a term which applies to all suggestions and all self-administered stimuli which reach one's mind through the five senses."

AUTO-SUGGESTION is the same as what we call Self-Talk. Chapter 1 of Think and Grow Rich is "Thoughts are Things." We create our own reality by what we tell ourselves. Some chose to dwell on the negative. This book and our training here can change that by saying a positive Self-Talk at least 1000 times per day. The more we say it, the less chance of the negative entering our thoughts.

The negative thoughts are many times more powerful than the positive ones, so one negative thought can wipe out many positive ones. So what are You telling Yourself?

Do we get mad when something doesn't go our way?

Do we prejudge a person when they do not do what we want them to do?

Do we get mad when a driver cuts us off.

Do we think Michael doesn't like our lesson, because he never calls on me to read mine.

Do we apologize for our lesson?

Do we think these Think and Grow Rich Lessons are a waste of time?

Again Napoleon Hill says:
"You were instructed, in the last of the six steps described in the chapter on Desire, to read ALOUD twice daily the WRITTEN statement of your DESIRE FOR MONEY, and to SEE AND FEEL yourself ALREADY in possession of the money! By following these instructions, you communicate the object of your DESIRE directly to your SUBCONSCIOUS mind in a spirit of absolute FAITH."

He goes on to say:
"Through repetition of this procedure, you voluntarily create thought habits which are favorable to your efforts to transmute desire into its monetary equivalent."

Michael has been asked, "What do You attribute Your success to?" He says, "Self-Talk."  They tend not to believe him. Here Napoleon Hill says the same thing.

How You do anything, is how You do everything. How are You doing everything?

I am grateful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for having created Mentoring For Free in the same vain as Napoleon Hill recommends, all training calls are a Mastermind group. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Linda and Michael Dlouhy.

I am grateful to all my good friends who make up each Mastermind call and participate by speaking up and sharing their brilliance. We are all learning from each other.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to each one of You.

Bob Shoaf
Sunny Alamogordo, NM

PS: I am also very grateful to each person who has downloaded Success In 10 Steps and chosen to communicate periodically with me. We too, are creating a Mastermind group per Napoleon Hill's recommendation of two or more must come together in a spirit of harmony. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to each one of You. I appreciate You.

Are you ready to use this mlm secret to program your mind towards massive success which must have ALL positive emotions or are you going to let negativity rule your life! If you are not passionate about what you are doing then face facts and get out of the game because it will save you health!

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