A professional network marketer reveals how he generates leads for FREE!, after spending thousands of dollars to build his business.

A professional network marketer reveals how he generates leads for FREE!, after spending thousands of dollars to build his business.

th (1)My good friend and personal mentor Michael Dlouhy reveals how he generates leads for Free! after he spent thousands of dollars to build his own business. A story of my own network marketing career as well. For many years I was with a company where I spent loads on buying leads which lead nowhere, the leads as my good friend Michael Dlouhy says have often been called so many times for every opportunity. They just keep on getting recycled, they believe they are signing up for one area eg a survey and end up with calls from all over.

As my good friend Michael Dlouhy says in his Book “Success in 10 Steps” you need to develop know like and trust with those people who You want on Your team, You have to build a relationship with them. I am just curious can You build a business with someone when there is No relationship, no trust at all?

if-you-have-no-confidence-in-self-you-are-twice-defeated-in-the-race-of-life-quote-1Many people out there have spent loads of money, loads of effort working to build a lifestyle for their families and loved ones. It is all doable with low cost and FREE methods which help keep Your costs down. For years I was following the old school methods which were more push what You have on someone. I am just curious do You know what happens when You push what You have on someone constantly?

Michael Dlouhy reveals that to us in his book and on our weekly training calls which will prove to You that Your lack of success is not Your fault.When I found the book “Success in 10 steps” I had spent thousands of dollars on the following attempting to build the business as that was the training. As well as many hours attempting to build the business.

thSome of the methods that have used over the years are

· leads from a lead broker

· newspaper advertising – it was often two ads one for business and one for clients.

· paper flyers – either printed by myself, professionally printed and then delivered by myself. At times I’d go out and deliver 200 of a business and 200 of a retail flyer per day for 5 days a week. Sometimes doing up 1000 per day.

· General advertising – business cards, pull tabs, car magnets,

· Phone bills – I had a 1300 number to encourage those to call in relation to the products that had.

· Buying a huge order of product to cope for customers that never came.

thAOJFLY10I went down the road of free advertising as well, traffic exchanges a colleague at one time got annoyed at bringing so much traffic to my website that they had it shut down till the end of the month. I did every area that was being taught and trained in the seminars for the company despite having initially been untrained and having to learn a number of skills, however there was one area that was seriously missing from the advertising. They talked about that area a little, it was an area that needed work.

To find out how we do generate our leads for free please take a look at our book “success in 10 steps” which You can get from my personal website here.

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