A life lived in fear.

A life lived in Fear

canOur lives can be run by fear or run by the positive emotions; for many years Fear ran My life and was so unaware of what was happening and what was being drawn towards own life as a person. Whist was expressing those pains and hurts over the years it was being drawn personally. That was what own thoughts happened to do.

6571060-young-man-kissing-his-wife-sitting-on-bed-at-homeWe can either let the fear run our lives or let it stop us from being who we are. We can stop others from getting to our heart just as did owing to the pain of love. Saying to a person that You love them and then adding in just don’t break my heart. That is Your own fear of being hurt by love again expressing its self and drawing its self to you as a person.

postive thinkingJohn may go through life wanting to have his own family and get married that is what he does. Even through the death of family members, those messing with his emotions John keeps on going to find love in his life. He keeps on going until he finds that person who is a kindred spirit to life and the two get married and start their lives together.

Romantic Love Quotes and SayingsWhist Beth may go through life wanting love to have her own family and get married, again Beth has those same experiences and she starts to experience fears about love and being loved. That she takes longer to be able to love someone and finds it harder to create that relationship when that loving husband that has always been looking for comes along. Beth may even be unable to let anyone into her heart or life.

hq3For many years it meant learning to stop letting those fears of being hurt again, fears about so many areas of life control My own life and to be able to move on to the area that know that no matter what it’s going to be ok. Fear can take control of our lives when we let that happen or we take control of our own lives and lock that fear up and become focused on what we really want to achieve from a positive area rather than letting that fear of being hurt again or whatever run our lives.

11209733_941528419201135_3126404278616272340_nIt’s like a high diving board that you get out to edge and either have to jump off or walk back down the stairs with everyone behind You. What are You going to do? The first time went up to the high diving board was scared to jump, yet jumped and survived. We all need to make that jump knowing that we are going to survive.

Feel the FearIt’s time to face those other fears and to say they no longer run my life.

Thank you to my amazing wonderful friends and mentors Michael and Linda Dlouhy and Ken Klemm for Your ongoing love guidance and support. To my amazing supportive loving wife thank You Jenny for being that awesome wife You are.

Your friend for life,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

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