Autosuggestion Is Key To MLM Success Today

Nathan Grimes describes in detail that without proper self talk in mlm we are toast!


CHAPTER 4- Auto-Suggestion

“The actual performance of transmuting desire into money involves
the use of auto-suggestion as an agency by which one may reach, and
influence, the subconscious mind. The other principles are simply
tools with which to apply auto-suggestion. Keep this thought in mind,
and you will, at all times, be conscious of the important part the
principle of auto-suggestion is to play in your efforts to accumulate
money through the methods described in this book.” Napoleon Hill

For me or anyone else to be able to use the principle of auto-suggestion
depends, deeply upon my capacity to concentrate upon our desire until
that desire becomes a burning obsession.

We have within us a God-given ability to concentrate but must decide to
use it. Hill offers suggestions for the effective use of concentration,
“to fix in your own mind the EXACT amount of money you desire,” hold your
thoughts on that amount of money by concentration, or total focus of
attention, with your eyes, closed until you can actually see the physical 
appearance of the money.

Hill said, “Do this at least once each day. As you go through these
exercises, follow the instructions given in the chapter on faith, and
see yourself actually in possession of the money!”

I remember the cartoon character of Donald Duck’s uncle Scrooge dreaming
of going to a vault and jumping into a pile of money, playfully tossing
the coins and bills into the air, seeing himself swimming in a pool of
money. The question I have to ask myself. do I have that kind of focus
or concentration toward the desire and burning obsession to my goal of
being a successful network marketer?

“Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.”
Bill Russell

To succeed at anything in life calls for a determined focused concentration
of the goal before me and the path or plans which will get me there. A
definiteness of purpose to do whatever it takes and as long as it takes.
The build of a business that will be here for me, my children, and my
children's children are not like pushing the button on a microwave.

Patty Berg said, “What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication,
determination, concentration, and the will to win.”

My challenge is to get focus, stay on target, see beyond the finish line,
have a plan, and take action daily.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for the time and concentration in building
and sharing the skills and tools of the Mentoring for Free system. I appreciate
everyone who participates in the weekly calls and the consistency of you being here.

Nathan Grimes

PS: “The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success: Concentration,
Discrimination, Organization, Innovation and Communication.” Harold S. Geneen


Time to use this for mlm success today!


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