Are You happy with Your own choices and decisions.

Would it be ok if I shared my lesson on Chapter 8 from Think and Grow Rich for this week’s Think and Grow Rich Lessons with You. A program that has helped thousands to change their lives and to become the person that they were intended to be. It has helped myself to become a better husband, father and friend.


The part that stuck out personally is that need to take responsibility for My own choices and decisions in life. Deciding what direction that I am wanting to take and walk that road, it was My own decision who married, just like it was My own choice to stop attending amusement parks owning to health reasons. That after many years I am saying yes I am able to go and go on the rides and I will be safe. Just like it was My own choice to choose to travel the world and see the world just like that child driving around in the caravan.

11209733_941528419201135_3126404278616272340_nFor many years the decision-making process was done by those around me within My own life that would let their opinions and thoughts or similar run own life. Their opinion meant more and I’d be wanting to keep the peace rather than hearing the screaming match again.

Being unaware of what was going on or that had the power to make own choices and also too scared to say this what I am choosing. Often that decision that was made was often let be and would go from there. At times I would talk about upgrading a car to those who were unsupportive of the motive and it would come back with arguments about what was going to do.

if-you-have-no-confidence-in-self-you-are-twice-defeated-in-the-race-of-life-quote-1Jane and Bill, Anna and Dean are all wanting to travel and have decided to travel to New Caledonia on a cruise. For Bill and Jane it was simple they choose the date they were going, said we are going booked and paid, decision done. They talked about the trip, what they would do on the trip as a family. As for Anna and Dean well they too choose their date, they sat there and choose to leave the trip details alone. They left that decision in the pile of undone dreams and goals.

When Bill and Jane return for their trip, Anna and Dean see them walking around and are still shocked about them being able to enjoy those trips. The couples talk over lunch, Anna turns to Jane and says “I am still confused what we are doing wrong Jane. You know we both talked about that cruise together, You went and we remained here.” Jane smiles looks at her Friend of many years realizing that her friend needs to commit to that decision.

6571060-young-man-kissing-his-wife-sitting-on-bed-at-homeJane then says to her friend Anna “Well Anna, I am aware that Bill and myself just made a decision to go and we did just that. It’s always been as simple as that for us, You can choose Your life and what happens if You go on a holiday or just sit around”.

Anna still has a confused look on her face “You mean its just a decision.” Says Anna eventually.

“Yes” Says Jane.

eftWe all have that same power in our lives, we have the choice to change our own financial future via learning ways to improve that. We have the choice to change our own health through a decision to attend the activity we have chosen to become healthier, We can choose our own car, our own hobbies, our own clothes, when we shower, we are going to have those who will be angry about the decision and attempt to talk You out of the choice. Stop listening to those who are unable to support that goal or dream.

It is just like our own accountability reports and those who download the book success in 10 steps from us. That we can also send our report in to our sponsor when we work our business daily or we can decide to leave that alone. The same with calling those who download our ebook, we can choose to either call them or leave them alone. As with our think and grow rich lesson we have the decision about posting a lesson or leaving alone.

Thank You to my amazing wonderful friends and family for helping me to be able to choose again, to become the stay at home dad want to be. Thank You to my amazing wonderful mentors Ken Klemm, Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your own ongoing guidance love and support. Thanks to my amazing beautiful, sexy, wonderful, loving wife for life Jenny for Your own ongoing support with our goals and dreams.

Your friend for life, big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia

Wishing You a life full of Love and Health,

Your friends for Life,
Ben and Jenny

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By Ben

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