About Me...

My name is, Linda Michel White...

I am the CEO of

​​"Seniorisms by LMW"

(Chief Enthusiasm Officer)

I am a Happy Networker, Senior Blogger & Mentor In Training!  I am 80 years old & I absolutely love what I do!


When I was 50 I became a self-taught award-winning clown... That was when I started studying Napoleon Hill & others like him...  It was then I realized how much the difference in my attitude was affecting my life for the better... I then became hooked on Personal Development which has become my pursuit of almost 30 years... That's made me a believer in "Divine Guidance!" My faith has grown stronger than ever & is my most prized possession... I became a published writer in 1996...   "Gratitude" is my favorite topic... Last year I started writing Press Releases on the IBO Social Platform... I call them,
​​                           ​​"Seniorisms by LMW"

 I enjoy writing, meeting new people & exchanging ideas... My promotions help people in their pursuit of wellbeing using common sense solutions...  Because I live in Florida, I have a Facebook Page, "My Sunshine State of Mind"...  I love my life today because my thirst for learning new ideas is being satisfied by this self-education...  For me, each day is the beginning of a new adventure...  :D 


How do I get started?

Read: Success In 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

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Download, and read Success in 10 Steps. You may also purchase the book for reading on the go. Audio versions are also availble when you get to the download page. The Download is absolutly FREE!

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Listen to 3 session audio training by Michael Dlouhy and his team, absolutely FREE! There are also transcripts of the audio available in PDF if you prefer to read the training. These sessions include “Business Models Drive the Behavior”, “Five Pillars for Your Success”, and “Being All In”.

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Setup a 1-on-1 coaching call with Linda Michel White, where you will be given a 5 point blueprint for success in Multi-Level Network Marketing. You will also be able to get your questions answered as well.

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